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The Art of Building

I am passionate about building. Whether in a newly designed home, a thoughtful addition, or a garden gate, my work has roots in traditional building design and time honored construction practices. I believe that as a hands-on builder, I achieve the highest quality and best value by engaging in every aspect of the building process. By having my own millwork shop I am able to make exacting designs a reality, while providing value to homeowners. With my in-house craftsmen, I built most of the beautiful details pictured in the galleries. Together, I work hand-in-hand with homeowners refining the design, meeting budgets, and exceeding expectations.



I believe in certain building truths. Great homes evolve from an understanding of the rich history of architecture, whether it is a classical, traditional, or vernacular design. It is by understanding the past that we are able to build homes that are authentic and timeless. These homes are simple in design. They are a composition, a sum greater than their individual parts. Here every detail supports the style, rather than amounting to a random assortment of the latest fads. This takes a critical eye, and the ability to edit the design down to its most important contributions. There is a beauty in this type of economy, a simple design showing elegant restraint, where less is sometimes more.
I admire homes that age gracefully with time and develop a rich patina over the years. We achieve this by using honest materials and proven technology. Do not believe anyone who says a home is “maintenance free”. This patently false marketing scheme lulls homeowners into a false sense of security. Nothing is maintenance free. Like the human body, all homes must be maintained to survive.
Building green has gotten a lot of attention in recent years and for good reason. Homes deserve to be efficient. We should be good stewards of our resources and there are many ways to achieve this. Using local and sustainable materials has been a part of traditional and vernacular building before green was even a concept. I feel that the ultimate green home lasts for generations. These are homes that are loved and will not be neglected or demolished, they will persevere. And this is my goal to build beloved homes that will last for generations.


Buck Nichols